Research Projects

The Ethical Innovation Hub is active researching methods to facilitate ethical innovation in a number of research projects. Below is a list of active projects and links to further information.


Systems Engineering for Ethical Requirements of Artificial Intelligence

Project SERAI involves the development of model-based tools for value-driven, ethical innovation in the field of AI-based medical technology. The tools are intended to integrate seamlessly into model-based development processes supported by systems engineering.


Cooperative and Communicating AI methods for medical image-guided diagnostics addressing ethical, social & user-data-interaction challenges

Project partners from the Institute for Interactive and Multimedia Systems, Institute for Medical Informatics, the Ethical Innovation Hub and ThinkSono GmbH dedicate their efforts to ELSA research on the example of a mobile deep learning-based deep vein thrombosis detection system. 


Responsible Innovation Platform

As part of a large 11 million euro consortium, the Ethical Innovation Hub is dedicating its efforts to establish responsible innovation guidance in an innovative medical AI ecosystem.


Digital Sovereignty via E-Government

The Ethical Innovation Hub is part of a consortium involving the City of Lübeck, MACH AG, the Institute for Interactive and Multimedia Systems and Nucleon e.V. in devising instruments to increase digital sovereignty in e-government.

Committments, Cooperations and other Projects


Challenge-based Learning for Robotics Students by Engaging Start-Ups in Technology Ethics

Project CREaTE (Challenge-based Learning for Robotics Students by Engaging Start-Ups in Technology Ethics) is an innovative educational approach to enabling students in robotics and autonomous systems to integrate ethical and societal considerations directly into the development process.

Expert Council

AI@Society Schleswig-Holstein

In a diverse list of scholars, officials and entrepreneurs, Christian Herzog serves as a member of the Expert Council on AI@Society of the State Government of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Ethical Innovation Mentoring

at the Gateway 49 Start-Up Accelerator

For getting start-ups in Schleswig-Holstein up to speed on all matters "ethics", Christian Herzog offers mentoring to the current batches at the Gateway 49 Start-Up Accelerator.