Previous Machines & Morals Events

At the Ethical Innovation Hub, we regularly organize events, inviting thought leaders to present keynotes to a general audience, typically accompanied with a panel discussion involving also students from our courses..

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Freitag, 2021/04/16

Maschinen und Moral 2021 - w/ Armin Grunwald

"Verantwortungsvolle Technikgestaltung in Forschung, Entwicklung und Lehre"

Donnerstag, 2019/12/05

Make Bureaucracy Great Again? - w/ Jan Philipp Albrecht

"Arbeiten, Leben und Regieren: Ethik in einer Digitalen Welt"

Dienstag, 2018/02/06

Maschinen und Moral 2018 - w/ Robert Habeck

"Forschen, Lehren und Leben in digitalen Zeiten"