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  1. The @EIH_UzL invites to the 5th Virtual Ethical Innovation Lecture on Apr 27th, 2021, 13:00 (GMT+1). Hermann Diebel-Fischer(@hrmnn01) will talk about the relationship between #ethics and #quantification. #aiethics

    13 Apr 2021
  2. The @EIH_UzL is holding a virtual event (in German) on Apr 16, 4-6:30PM. "Maschinen und Moral 2021" will host Prof. Armin Grunwald of ITAS/KIT and Prof. Karena Kalmbach, Futurium, Berlin. Student-startup projects are on display. Please register:

    22 Mar 2021
  3. The @EIH_UzL’s @ChrHrzg’s article “On formal ethics versus inclusive moral deliberation” has just been published in the still brand new Springer Journal AI and Ethics. It is about power and moral progress and free to read as open access:

    5 Mar 2021
  4. The @EIH_UzL invites to the 4th Virtual Ethical Innovation Lecture on Feb 16th, 2021, 13:00 (GMT+1). Thomas Losse-Müller (@t_losse_mueller) talks about sustainability considerations for the digital transformation.

    2 Feb 2021
  5. The @EIH_UzL’s @ChrHrzg’s article “Three Risks That Caution Against a Premature Implementation of Artificial Moral Agents for Practical and Economical Use” has just been published in the Springer Journal Science and Engineering Ethics as open access:

    27 Jan 2021