The Ethical Innovation Hub

The Ethical Innovation Hub is a transdisciplinary project joining technology, society and industry in responsible research and innovation. Since 2020, the EIH is driving sustainable innovation originating from ethical considerations as a joint project of the Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine and the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science Studies.

The members of the Hub develop methods for responsible research and innovation (RRI). For this purpose, the EIH bundles resources in the fields of ethics, humanities, social sciences and technology across institutes and in interaction between university and non-academic partners.

Sidelining technology research and development with ethical evaluations is an important step. However, the EIH works towards designing tools and methods for making ethics an integral aspect of technology research and development projects right from the start. This is the core idea behind the projects the Hub is and will be committed to.

Besides research and development the EIH is also committed to broadening participation in discourse, involving various stakeholders in discussions surrounding the ethics of innovative technologies. As such, you will find the Virtual Ethical Innovation Lecture (VEIL) an interesting line of events to tune into. Please see the news on the homepage or follow us on twitter via @EIH_UzL.